Bates Road

Water is a key to birding in Arizona. And the irrigated fields along Bates Road are no exception. In fall and winter the grassy fields attract geese and scattered among these geese you can often find uncommon and rare birds. The fields themselves are surrounded by Cottonwoods and are home to riparian birds so don’t focus only on the ground. In this case, we will let Sam Hough tell the story in pictures.

Canadian Geese are attracted to the irrigated pastures. – Photo by Chip Engelmann
Snow Geese are perhaps the easiest uncommon goose to spot in a flock of Canadian Geese. – Photo by Sam Hough
A Cackling Goose is not so easy to find among Canadian Geese. – Photo by Sam Hough
Greater White-fronted Goose in standing water off the irrigation ditch.
Two Sandhill Cranes cannot escape Sam Hough’s camera as they leave Bates Road. Sam later found these same cranes across the Verde Valley in a similar habitat in Camp Verde. – Photo by Sam Hough
Wilson Snipe can be found in the wet grass but you have to look closely. They are very well camouflaged. – Photo by Sam Hough
This Vermilion Flycatcher can be found at the end of Bates Road on the fencing. This location is as good a place as any to take your friends that have never see one of these beauties.

Title Photo by Chip Engelmann

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